hi guys,,, i have developed the first ARABIC training course of solidworks http://www.facebook.com/pages/tlm-brnamj-altsmym-almykanyky-alswlydwrks-SolidWorks/168550396524310

Ahmad 2635 giorno/i fa

Hi everyone, my name is Matt and I am from Mexico and I have already seen the six episodes of the CAD Chair and I would like to make a suggestion of the proyect. The chair is amazing but I think that is missing somewhere you can put your feet because if you spend a lot of time with the feet in the air, sometimes this would hurt a lot for the user don´t you think so? And about this new proyect, I think that is amazing how young people is involve in this kind of proyects because here in Mexico is really hard to find this proyects or even that kind of facilities in a High School. You must have to wait until you are in College to even think about of using that kind of amazing equipment.

Matt 2664 giorno/i fa

Hey everyone, just got onboard with Let's Go Design, and will recommend it to the members of my colleges chapter of the ADDA! This project, the multi-sport practice cage poses some very interesting challenges! I can't wait to see how this pans out!

MrJohnson97408 2671 giorno/i fa

one of the best idea and cool project.

Vikram 2683 giorno/i fa

Jeremy you guys should really post approximate dates that the next episode will be posted.

Chuck 2688 giorno/i fa

Is there some kind of filler program that you can put in like program features or something like it while we wait for the next video?

Paul Anderson 2692 giorno/i fa

This is a really awesome project idea. this could be sooooo useful if you can make it work. good luck!

Stig 2694 giorno/i fa

Hey Jeremy...def. got to have street hockey. But I'm completely biased having played for the Worcester Vocational High School ice hockey team back a few years ago and playing in a bunch of rec. leagues since. Oh ya...WVHS has a fab shop too and a brandy spanking new building to boot. I guess high school rivalries never die no matter how old you are. Good luck in the design process. Really glad to see you using a Vocational school for this one...very valuable experience for the kids. And if you need a test pilot for the hockey net...I'm game! Can I get you as my goalie? LOL!!!

Edsonius 2695 giorno/i fa

He Jeremy, this one will be pretty interesting. Should yield for some interesting models because you're not building anything and having to worry too much about the actual fabrication. Of course it should be able to be made. I've seen a couple of the FIRST program kids all using SolidWorks for thier robots. Wish I had Solidworks back in HS, these kids are tomorrow's engineers! I hope you keep them in the project throughout!! I'm voting for hockey and soccer, as I think the 2 sports have some good relationships. Have you considered Volleyball?? I have an in with the undefeated division 2 mass champs!!

Johnny M 2695 giorno/i fa

There is a great prototype of a receiving/launching machine for American Football on display in our ME building at the University of New Mexico. It was a successful senior design project from a couple of years ago.

Brandon 2696 giorno/i fa

Good episode, looks like this will be quite an interesting and fairly large project. I look forward to the next episode. Also I have been watching The Shield recently and does anyone else think that Jeremy bears a bit of a resemblance to Vic Mackey?

Ross 2696 giorno/i fa

I loved the episode! I really like that you are really bringing in the viewers for this project. Definitely makes it feel like more of a community effort. I can't wait to see the outcome!

Laura H 2697 giorno/i fa

Hi! in my opinion, we can desing portable platform for Multi-Sport P.C . So we can bring it any place we want. like camp ect. Really cool project. A lot of people will want to try this Multi Sport P.C. :)

Ümit K. 2698 giorno/i fa

I'm so looking forward to seeing the final outcome of this project. I can't picture a design that will accomodate the three sport. My vote is for Hockey and Soccer. Good Luck! Hosam

Hosam 2699 giorno/i fa

Jeremy I found out that the robot the students were working on in the machine shop is going to be at a national tooling machinist Battle robot competion at the Solomon Pond Mall in Marlboro Mass on Saturday Dec 4. The students designed the ring in SolidWorks. Hope to see you there.

Marie 2699 giorno/i fa

this is really cool project, it shows how almost anything is possible with the science

nina 2699 giorno/i fa

Any comments. post me @ hemanth.sriyapu@gmail.com

Hemanth Sriyapu 2699 giorno/i fa

Hi Jermy, i have voted for Soccer and Football, as it allows to use the common goal with room for change in the shape/area of goal post as per the sport played. The Area available for the sport remains almost unchanged.

Hemanth Sriyapu 2699 giorno/i fa

sry its amitsavera@gmail.com

amit r nair 2699 giorno/i fa

sounds a cool project.,.,n your video will make many of them aspire in india.,. hope so chat wid u will make a good time for me.,., n many here in india will be interested in these kinds of project regards amit r nair delhi india amittsavera@gmail.com

amit r nair 2699 giorno/i fa

Interesting project! It's great to see some High Schools (Assabet Valley Regional Vocational High School) supporting science and technology at such a high level. Your video design series have been very inspirational to our FRC robotic design students.

Alan Creekmore 2700 giorno/i fa

had a typo on our voting section.....said baseball....should say football.....sorry folks....

Jeremy Luchini 2700 giorno/i fa

Jeremy, it is great to see you involving the youngsters in this project. Teaching them is what it is all about. Hocky and Socker are my two cast votes. Oh yeah, an OSHA approved cardiac shock machine should be incorporated to for the not so young players that really can use the practice.

Corporal Willy 2700 giorno/i fa

I think that since all of these sports have a an element of distance in them and the cage needs to be small you should add a high speed camera that can capture and process the data for the trajectory as it leaves the player and then predicts where it would have landed if the net hadn't been there.

Matt Rece 2700 giorno/i fa

I voted for Baseball and Street Hockey but why not American Football like you showed? You mentioned collapsible so how about a inflatable building? It would give you plenty of space and be portable.

Joseph Call 2700 giorno/i fa

Great new project Jeremy. I look forward to seeing the prototypes. Marie

Marie 2700 giorno/i fa

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