hi sorry to bother you . whenn I downloaded your project file no.1. and I have 2009-2010 solidworks student edition. I tried to open files as assembly parts but could not? i managed to open all pictures of drawing and photos except parts or assembly parts. I searched for your website9troubleshooting tips about project files... if anyone familiar with the problem I have...email me border.handwave@gmail or tweet me stealth_player..;-D brendan

Brendan carron 3078 giorno/i fa

Question, if any of these products actually go to market for sale or the ideas sold to other company's, who get the rights to it since its really a collaboration product created by many here on the community. I guess what I am asking is who owns the rights to the product ideas and concepts?

Mark 3085 giorno/i fa

hi,, all the files are 2011......would you give us 2010 please ^_^

Ahmad 3120 giorno/i fa

Hello Jeremy. I'm a new user to Solidworks and watching your projects is very inspiring. Makes me want to go design something or anything. I'm looking to purchase a new machine to run Solidworks. My current PC just doesn't cut it. What type of system do you have on your show? Are those 24 or 27 inch monitor's?

Horacio 3161 giorno/i fa

hi..... i m mechanical student.. i want one best project... i a really interested to do this...

Nigamath 3200 giorno/i fa

Hello, It is great to watch demonstration movies. But I can see movies. Links open, but they dont start. I tried with different browsers, but result is same. Do I need a special authorization to see them? Thanks again.

Bugev 3281 giorno/i fa

thankyou for your designe i need you to sent your mobil phone i need to drow for me some projectr

rowad 3321 giorno/i fa

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